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It's time for a good brush

My hair is fine, very brittle and fragile. In short, they require special care. (I hope it stays me some of them when I am going to be 40 years). My children, they have hair like me ... but curly. Although very pretty, is hell on earth to untangle! Am I the only mom who pulls the arm to unravel princess hair every night and heard "aye mom ... it hurts! "? It is certain that I use detangling sprays to give me a hand; but, it is really a brush that has changed my life. Since I have the Wet Brush (actually, I lie to you, I own 3), everything changed! My hair and those of my children is better ... and my kids love me.

You will say no doubt, but what is so extraordinary about Wet Brush? A brush is not ultimately "a brush"?

For starters, this brush has a good grip. As easy to handle for an adult than a child, ergonomics is well thought out. The magic of this brush is due to a mixture of its air cushion and silk thread pins (IntelliFlex) that unravel, but do not shoot, do not break and do not pull hair. It is effective on dry hair, but she hit on damp hair. Also, I love drying my hair using this brush. It is adorable and available in many colors and patterns.

Little tip for maintenance: I remove the dead hair that it lodged with each use and once every two weeks, I dip my brush in the sink with a little shampoo. Then I let it dry overnight. The next morning, it is like new!

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