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René Furterer the science of nature


Because he grew up in a village of Provence, from a young age René Furterer's senses became aware of the perfumes and colors that inspired his future formulas.

A few years later, he worked as a hairdresser in his wife’s Parisian salon. At the time, women dreamed of Marilyn Monroe's blonde locks... but there was no care capable of repairing their hair damaged by all these techniques. His answer? Creating his revitalizing cream which, to this day, provides care for and enhances even the most undernourished hair.

He went on to create the complex 5, a miraculous elixir of essential oils that turned into an unmissable beauty step. René Furterer then put his innovative vision into practice: “Beautiful hair grows thanks to a healthy scalp, just like a plant grows thanks to fertile soil."


In 1957, René Furterer created etheirology: the philosophy of scalp health and hair beauty (etheirology, from the Greek etheira, hair, and etheiro, to heal). He put this approach into practice in his first hair Spa in Paris, by developing a three-step method: " Prepare, Wash, Treat ”which, following a precise preliminary diagnosis, offers a unique care routine based on precise steps.

The “prepare” step consists of a stimulating or soothing scalp treatment with Complexe 5 or Astera Fresh. The second step, “ Wash ", is done with the shampoo suited to the scalp's specific needs. Finally, the third stage “ Treat ", deeply repairs the hair and scalp. For the first time, women are living a unique sensory experience with natural, gourmet and tailor-made care: hair delights have just been invented.


René Furterer continuously pushes the boundaries: he was the first to create plant-based products that included the luxurious feel of combining highly-effective products with a high level of sensory appeal. He selected rare and precious essential oils. He transforms the essence of plants into an ultimate nectar, thus transcending the potency of their therapeutic powers. Each essential oil is designed to provide a specific sensory experience along with its own benefits.

Today, it is at the Gaillac site in France that these high-quality plant-based active ingredients are transformed into formulas, with their effectiveness being obtained through a unique expertise that respects the environment ( ISO 14001 certification).

If the René Furterer brand transforms and enhances nature, it is always in line with the responsible and certified approach of the Pierre Fabre Green Mission. Everything is thus used to guarantee, innovate, respect and preserve the plant world.


Born Furterer wants to be part of a Fair, Caring and Responsible approach in its plant supply process. The best example of his commitment is the creation of three supply chains: 

- KARITE: creation, 10 years ago, of an ethical chain in shea butter with SOTOKACC, a small company in Burkina Faso.

- MORINGA: René Furterer is involved in Madagascar with SEAR (Ranopiso Agricultural Holding Company) for the cultivation of moringa.

- ARGAN: René Furterer is actively involved in Moroccan cooperatives producing Argan oil.

Through these three channels, the brand René Furterer and its botanists have succeeded in making their quest for valuable assets a real human experience, focused on the exchange of knowledge and respect for traditional methods.


Since its creation 20 years ago, the Pierre Fabre Foundation has carried out numerous activities in the countries of the South. It currently conducts 34 programmes in 19 different countries, whose missions are oriented around five axes of intervention. 

  • Training of drug professionals 
  • Access to quality care 
  • The fight against sickle cell disease 
  • Dermatology 
  • The e-health


At the heart of Paris lies the René Furterer Hair Spa. In this refined and confidential haven of peace, care expertise reaches the highest levels
of excellence. Our specialists offer exceptional treatment in private rooms, perfumed with essential oils from the brand's exceptional hair care products. This intimate and luxurious setting is a prerequisite, the perfect setting to enjoy completely tailored and remarkable care.


Delights of exception and efficiency that never cease to reveal their beneficial virtues for body and spirit.

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