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The hairstyle is absolutely ESSENTIAL for a successful look.

 After a Spring-Summer season without your hairdresser, it's time to refresh your look and learn about the Fall 2020 trends.
For Fall-Winter 2020/2021, the Bradörf & Origa team met the talented stylist Benjamin Bélanger of the “Max Gourgues” Salon, who offered us his vision of new trends.


Whether it's a bob cut or a short pixie cut, texture is in the spotlight on all heads for this Winter season. No more cold, matt or “wet” tones ... The hair color is inspired by natural effects but is adorned with a few lighter strands around the face, to obtain a contrast effect made possible thanks to the professional techniques offered in salons.

Hair is sometimes wildly supple, sometimes perfectly wavy with a tendency for big curls. Haircuts are meant to be both wise and rebellious, so that every woman can identify with them. A nice nod to a free, intrepid and independent femininity.

With “face framings” (effects around the face), darker and warmer blondes, “curtain bangs” (curtain fringes), cuts with clean lines and unstructured layered cuts. Haircut and color trends are alive and well this season. Benjamin Bélanger presents some of these hairstyles and haircut inspirations to liven up your next appointment with your stylist.


Gentlemen, anything is allowed! 

Gone are the days when all men wore the same hairstyle and paid little attention to their hair. Now, worrying about how you look every day is no longer about gender.

A clean short cut or long rebellious hair ... The hair trends for gentlemen have been full of possibilities in the last seasons. There are more and more people who dare original looks by changing their hair color.

As for the 20/21 trend, we have the right to everything. The short, almost shaved cut will make a comeback. The side-shaved “Undercut” with longer hair on top resists. Mid-length hair with a natural or a disheveled look will be a really nice option. The choice is yours ... In all cases, expressing yourself is honored!


The “face framing”: Incorporate the outline of your face and the lighting effects which stand out. On a polar blonde base add waves of darker blonde in the back, providing an incredible dimension. Deliciously trendy!



“Warm colors are finally back! Their more natural effect inspired by a

L.A beach look will give you pride in the 20/21 trends.


“We want it to be imposing!”


Crédit: Benjamin Bélanger Styliste Sénior

Layer’s… a solution! 

Although full-length edges are trendy and offer a solution, for less dense hair, we like to see the layered look synonymous with a sophisticated volume effect.

The “Curtain bangs” look, a hairstyle that reminds us of Farrah Fawcett, is very fashionable this season. Darker blondes with “shadow roots” for a more natural effect and a layered look on the face. In terms of the cut, we offer ourselves a nice layered down look while preserving our length.

Free and independent!


Free and independent!

Crédit: Benjamin Bélanger Styliste Sénior

Ludivine Reding deliciously represents this fashion with very trendy textured short hair. As Benjamin Bélanger tells us: “the most important thing is that we want the styles to offer a full effect. They must be slightly degraded and / or 100% textured to facilitate lightness and movement ”.


 For this end of the 2020 year, the Bradörf & Origa team invite you to choose yourself and take on the trend that suits you. From more subtle shades to more assertive looks, the goal is to take pleasure in expressing yourself authentically.

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