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How do we choose the right hair colour?


The Bradörf & Origa team guides you to choose the perfect color...

It is always fun to want to adopt a new color and especially as the holidays approach. The choice of color shade for our hair varies according to fashion, our mood and our desire for change. We would like to be blonde, a redhead or brunette, but in reality not all shades suit us well.

Color spices up our life and enhances our complexion. This is all the more true for hair color: when you want to change, nothing better than a new hair color! So how to recognize the shades of color that we will highlight you the most.

As a reference in the field of hairdressing, the Bradörf & Origa team share a method to help make an informed choice when the time comes for a hair color change.

The concept of colorimetry

Each person is associated with a season that defines her by a palette of shades that blends with her complexion. Will it be spring, summer, fall or winter? The answer doesn’t just depend on your cultural background or your tastes: knowing the hair color that fits us perfectly is an essential asset. No woman wishes to inherit a tired look because of a poor hair color choice.

To help you find your season, it is best to use a stylist who will make you pass a colorimetry test, an essential step before approaching any color change. The Bradörf & Origa team shares their professional advice with you to allow you to self-assess your season and thus discover the shades of hair colorations that will suit you.

The method of self-assessment

The principle is simple, it consists in determining the pigmentation of your skin without makeup.

1/ Start by pulling your hair back, ideally covering it with a white towel to see only the skin of your face, then in front of a mirror illuminated by a white light (which will least distort your complexion) place a silver cloth under your face, see… then another gold, compare…

At this stage the result should be obvious, one of the two fabrics should give you a better complexion while the other will give you a lighter complexion. Don’t hesitate to ask your loved ones for their opinion, but the main thing is to focus on finding a healthy complexion.

Then, refer to the personal colorimetry palette of Bradörf & Origa to establish your precise season.

2/ Using the Bradörf & Origa color palette and paying attention to the subtleties of the differentiating reflections, it will be easy for you to test a selection of scarves or pieces of linen from your wardrobe of the season in question in order to confirm the one that suits you.

At this stage, some people may be between two seasons, so it will be interesting to test more pieces of tissue to detect the dominance of one or the other of the seasons.

Now that you’ve determined your season, check out our team’s colour tips.

Nature being well made, the ideal coloring that will suit you the best will be your natural color enhanced with reflections. We are eternally attracted to change and we also have the right to want to change our look! A makeup touch-up will then be suggested. In spite of everything it is preferable to choose one or two tones above or below our natural color level. Follow the Bradörf & Origa team to choose the right shade!

In order to guide you, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the numbering of the colour tubes by browsing our previous blog.

You’re from the spring season.

Spring Celebrities: Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Moss…

To summarize

Your complexion is: light with golden highlights (ivory, beige, peach or golden). Your skin bronzes easily and may show some freckles.

The color of your eyes is: mostly light, blue to green or Hazelnut with an iris animated with small golden spots.

The color of your hair is: brown, with red or golden reflections.

Here are the shades of hair coloring that our team suggests: to begin, do not remove your beautiful natural golden reflections, they fit you perfectly.

Prefer warm colors: in pale shades, a honey blond (ex: 9.30 9/G Very light golden blond, 7.31 7/B. Golden beige blond) a golden roux or a Venetian blond will suit you perfectly (ideal for the period from April to September) or if you want to go for it, a golden brown (ex: 5.03 5/NG Light golden brown natural) or even copper gold (ex: 5.34 5/GC Light golden brown copper), will be ideal for the period from October to March. However, avoid too dark colors (from level 4/ to 1/) and only ashy shades (/1 or/A), it only works on cold skin tones.

You’re from the summer season.

Summer Celebrities: Sharon Stone, Claudia Schiffer, Courtney Love, Melanie Griffith...

To summarize

Your complexion is pale pink, peachy pink. You tan easily).

The color of your eyes is: usually light blue, blue-green, grey-blue; sometimes with a brown iris with blue, grey or green splinters.

The color of your hair is: naturally blonde or pale brown. Its ash base sometimes makes your hair a little dull.

Here are the suggested hair coloring shades for a summer season : not surprisingly, pale blonde hair is suitable for summer skin.

The blonds (7/01 7/NA the natural ash blond or 8/32 8/B light beige blond) are to be considered, and of course the platinum blond (10/2 10/V Blond very clear iridescent)... are safe values (ideal for the period from April to September). Strands one to two tones away from your natural color will also create light effects in your hair. If you opt for darker shades (ideal for the period from October to March), the levels (6 to 5) will be perfect, a hazelnut brown (5/71 5/B of glazed chocolates, if you are tempted by red shades, they will have to be cooled, copper style, or for example with burgundy or purple reflections. Banish red with mahogany, copper or golden blond reflections: these shades would make you look bad.

You’re from the fall season.

Fall Celebrities: Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Tina Turner, Sophia Loren…

To summarize

Your complexion is medium to dark with golden highlights (warm beige, golden beige, bronze). Autumn skin often has freckles. Most fall women have brown, auburn or red hair..

The color of your eyes is: from hazelnut to green with warm shades and is very rarely turquoise.

The color of your hair is: brown with auburn or red reflections.

Here are the suggested hair coloring shades for a person fall : without hesitation, sublimate your natural color with warmer shades red and copper.

Your skin likes copper brown, copper red or hot chestnuts (4,4, 4,45 or 5,35). If you absolutely want to become blonde and lighten your hair, bet on golden blond shades, because the ash blond will not suit your skin type. Alternatively, opt for golden blond or copper red strands. However, beware of blond highlights around the face, which are not very flattering because of their artificial appearance.

You’re from the winter season.

Celebrities: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Demi Moore, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy…

To summarize

Your complexion is light, medium or dark, you can sometimes distinguish a shade of olive green. Widespread in the world. Eyes are green, blue, brown, hazelnut or black

The color of your eyes is black, dark brown, hazelnut with green splinters, gray, glacier blue or intense green.

The color of your hair is: naturally dark, brown to dark brown, black even black crow.

Here are the suggested hair coloring shades for a winter person: as the hair has naturally warm shades, it is usually enough to reveal their shine, a light glow warmer than your natural hue will illuminate your face.

If you want to accentuate your natural color, offer it character with blue black (1,11 or 2,10), or opt for aubergine or mahogany reflections. You can also opt for a brighter colour such as flamboyant mahogany (4.52) or a glazed brown colour (4.15).

Attention: lightening dark hair often produces unwanted red reflections, we advise you to cool this shade to get closer to a caramel.

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