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Blonde hair: 6 tips for a perfect routine

Getting the right shade of blonde is a big step. The choice of a good colorist and the right technique is at first essential, but it is still necessary afterwards to have the right routine to preserve the shine of healthy blonde hair as long as possible.

The needs for blonde hair

Whether natural or obtained by a technique of coloring, blonde is the most sensitive and fragile color of all. Indeed, blonde hair dries out, loses its shine and its reflection faster. It is for these reasons that it is essential to maintain your blonde hair with care that is adapted to it.

The human hair is made of 3 key components that provide it with health and maneuverability. You should therefore design your hair routine according to the current state of your hair and consider these basic needs as follows:


Component 1- The hair consists of 70-80% protein. The keratin protein creates strength and resistance in the deep layers of the hair cuticle (see elasticity test). It is essential and indispensable. It will therefore be the first step to consider before moisturizing and sealing the hair to hope for a healthy blonde.

Component 2- The ideal proportion of hydration is 10-15% in the hair. Naturally, the body secretes a natural moisture that softens the hair and gives it flexibility, however frequently it is done, in daily routines, that the hair requires additional hydration (see porosity test) in the outer layers of scales of the hair.

Component 3- Lipids keep the hair soft and supple and make up 3-6% of the natural oils present in the hair. It is advisable to seal and protect your blonde hair at all times from harmful agents of the environment (air, sun, water, heat, mechanical breakage, etc.)


1. To repair is to “heal damaged hair”:

Blonde hair is fragile, it has been chemically treated by thinning techniques or damaged by time, external aggressions (mechanical breakage, heat...) and needs restorative care to deeply care for its weakened hair fibers. The first step in a hair routine is to define the degree of restorative care recommended for your hair. These treatments also prevent hair breakage.

To determine the repair needs of your hair, evaluate it! (see elasticity test)

You have established that you need to meet a repair need. Discover HERE our selection of repair products and care.

2. Moisturizing is “nourishing a dry hair”:

Hair, like skin, needs to be moisturized and fed regularly in order to maintain its softness and suppleness.

If the hair is not hydrated it will start to tarnish. To avoid this, you will need to incorporate nourishing care into your routine. To choose the right moisturizer, consider your hair type: fine, thick, curly, etc. If your hair is particularly fragile, start your routine with repair care.

To determine your hair’s need for hydration, assess it! (see porosity test)

You have established that your hair needs hydration. Discover HERE our selection of moisturizing products and skincare.

3. To correct is to “attenuate or remove unwanted reflections”:

Whether natural or dyed, blond hair tends to tarnish and change colour. To preserve your color and prevent the appearance of unwanted reflections, it is recommended to opt for a shampoo or a «pigmented» blonde corrector, based on blue to control the false reflections of «orange», or based on purple to control the false reflections «gold».

It is recommended to use this type of product as needed and alternate with shampoos and restorative or moisturizing care.

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4. Toning is “nuance or repigment of a shade of blonde”:

Due to the sagging of the most delicate blond hair, the nuanced products allow one to find a beautiful shade of blonde, they also allow the most creative to sprinkle their routine with a little imagination. Attention all the same! The result may vary depending on the porosity of your hair, the application or concentration of the mixture. We suggest that you first improve the care of your hair and then apply pastel shades or dilute them to familiarize yourself with this type of product.

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5. Sealing is "smoothing the cuticle of scales" of a hair :

To obtain the finish of a beautiful blonde, it is essential to seal your hair with non-alcoholic, anti-frizz style products (serum, styling balm..) in order to smooth and close the scales of the cuticle. Thus, the hair will be less reactive to moisture and will retain its shine and softness longer.

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6. To protect is to "prevent oneself from external aggressions" :

In order to maintain a beautiful blonde and healthy hair, it is essential to protect your hair from external aggressions. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun without protection against UV rays, because they can accelerate the discolouration of the color or alter it completely. Limiting the use of heating tools (hair dryer, irons...) avoids severe mechanical aggressions for the general health of blonde hair already. When you plan to use these tools, it is essential to use a thermal protector.

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Now that you know the steps to maintain a beautiful blonde. Design your personalized hair routine with our collection. 

"L'entretien des blonds"

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